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High Precision Exhaust Band Clamps Bending Machine


High precision exhaust band clamps bending machine is used to form the V clamps from the steel strips and bend the V brand clamps according to the required V clamps diameter. The V band clamps is also called Pipe Straps, used to support and fix the automobile exhaust tube and other tubes or profiles.

V band clamp High precision exhaust band clamps bending machine is our new designed rollformer for the automobile exhaust tube clamping system. This rollformer for straps can produce the new style exhaust pipe hangers to support the exhaust tube. The monster stack clamps thickness is 1.5mm-2.5mm. The diameter of monster stack clamps can be adjusted different in one roll forming machine line by adjusting the bending radius.
exhaust pipe hangers rollformer adopts both the roller forming designing and the roller bending designing, together to form a new developed clamps products.
Clamps rolling forming machine including working process like this:
First the proper width raw material steel strips be decoiling from the decoiler system. The Decoiler system can be manual decoiler system , or the hydraulic decoiler system, capacity 3 tons is OK.
The feeding galvanized steel strips width is according to the pipe strips width.
Second the material strips will be feed into the levelling system to be straighten and flatten. There will be 5 rollers on the leveler system for straighten the strips.
Third the strips material will be feed into the main roll forming machine body. There are 7 stations for roller forming the clamps.
Forth, the straight formed profiles will be bent by the rolling system to form the O ring hoop at the right radius to for the right clamps.
At last, the hydraulic cutting system cut the final formed clamps after the ring hoop is formed correctly.

Below are some pictures of the finished products made from High precision exhaust band clamps bending machine:

Below is the drawing of the V band clamp for your reference:

The exhaust V band clamp is used for the supporting of the car exhasut tube. It is small profile roll formed and bent. So the rollformer machine and bending machine need high precision!

This is the V band clamp rollformer machine ‘s high requirements from other C purline machine, Z purline machine, CZ purline machine, Sigma purline machine and M purline machine.

exhaust V band clamp rollingformer including below parts:
Decoiler, Leveler, PLC controlling system, Main roll forming body, Rolling bending system, Cutting system, Hydraulic station.

V Band clamp roll forming machine working process:

Uncoiling →Leveling→→Rolling Forming Machine→ Bending.cut off

Equipment Floor Area:4*1*1.5m(L*W*H)

Feeding Direction: From Right to Left

Voltage:3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz

Air Supply: Flow Rate: 0.5m³/min; Pressure: 0.6MPa

Hydraulic Fluid:46#

Gear Oil: 18# Hyperbolic gear oil

Size of the raw material steel strips of the exhaust band clamp :

Width of Strip ≤80mm

Thickness of Strip ≤ 2.5 mm

Material of Strip: Stainless Steel

Total Power: approximately 24.5KW.

Ring diameter range: 120~350 mm.

Whole rollformer line of the V band clamp machine including below parts:

NOEquipment NameQuantity(KW) Motor Power
1Automatic Un-coiler13
2Precise leveling machine11.5
3Roll Forming Machine115
4Bending module. cut off15

Brand of every part of the exhaust band clamp rollformer line:

NOEquipment NameManufacturer
3Electric ElementsSchneider/OMRON/ Keyence/ Siko
5Variable frequency motorSIEMENS
6Rotary encoderOMRON
7Digital position displaySIK

The whole line of V band roll forming machine is well designed, with many innovative designing solutions, the main goal is to make a working stable, and high precision mill to produce high quality, with high precision V band. Below is the introduction of the Main roll forming machine.

1Strips thickness≤ 2.5 mm
2Roller station8 ROWS
3Power SupplyCan be made according requirement
4Machine structuralMemorial archway
5Roller distance200mm
6Roller material42CrMo
7Shaft diameter45mm
8Main forming machine body350 H steel
9ElectricSchneider/Omron Keyence/Siko
10BearingTimken, Schaeffler
11Variable frequency motorSiemens
12Rotary encodeOmron
13Cutter StandardGCr12

According to the V band clamp diameters size, this rollformer and bending machine can produce different size V band clamp, by quick changing and adjusting the rollers to achieve it.

This quick change structure save much time and humar labor, and making the V band rollerformer with high capacity for different size V bands.

If you want to replace the model you can use the crane to replace it

Pass pitch: 200mm

Memorial archway structural: Precision guide column bracket

Roll shaft diameter: 45mm

Roller Material: 42CrMo

Also this machine line is designed with below functions:

  1. Guide device: The coil is accurately introduced into the first forming wheel with the digital position display. Adjustment range: 10~80mm
  2.  Lubrication system: Lubrication device use can reduce the friction processing products and roll.
  3. Correction of the head/Turks head: This Turks head with design well , ensure the V band profile straight after rolled forming.
  4. Length detection: The measuring wheel 4 moves over the profile, the rotary pulse generator controls the pulse signal, and the control unit issues a cut-off command according to the required profile length.
  5. Guarding: The protective cover prevents the handle from reaching the host’s tool and plays a role in reducing the noise. In the automatic operation mode, the full transparent observation process cannot be opened by the magnetic locking of the machine

If you want to know more details of every part of this high precision V band rollformer machine line, please feel free contact me, i will send you the offers with the price and specifications, and the machine running videos.



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