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7 Rollers Greenhouse Tube Bending Machine


7 rollers greenhouse tube bender greenhouse tube bending machine for tube is designed to produce the tubes used for greenhouse, the round circle tube, square tube, or L angle profiles, and so on. There are 7 rollers and 11 rollers tube bending, and 13 rollers tube bending machine for the greenhouse tube bending system. For the greenhouse steel structural tube roller bending forming. Below are some pictures of the machines for your reference:

The greenhouse tube bending machine main characterics is as below:

CNC automatic pipe bending machine equipment performance:
1. Standard display text: Chinese. (Other text can be changed as needed)
2, The maximum bending program memory capacity of 100 groups, each group can be programmed up to 10 bends.
3. Directly input the bending pipe processing parameters, the machine can be automatically executed during automatic operation, and can be stopped urgently.
4. The operating program and the elbow program have unlimited memory storage time, and will not cause program loss due to power outage or long-term non-use.

5. While the machine is performing automatic machining, the controller can still input or edit the program.
6. The elbow program can set the individual movements of each axis from 0 to 3 speeds in each machining step, so as to be flexible for different work items and improve work efficiency.

7. Equipped with processing capacity and processing count function.
8. Use the absolute origin system to restart the machine every morning or after a break. You can enter the work standby state without complicated procedures to find the origin of each axis.
9. The total motor power: 6.6KW, dual servo motor.

10. Production speed: about 10 meters per minute
11. Can be bent: square tube, round tube, elliptical tube, several words steel.

This product is mainly used for the construction of greenhouses, the construction of vegetable greenhouses, the construction of several-word steel greenhouses, the construction of simple greenhouses, the construction of double-mode skeletons and the construction of various greenhouses.
The automatic greenhouse bending machine consists of nine wheels, equipped with dual servo motors, PLC intelligent computer numerical control system, and can store 100 memories. The single stroke elbow can be bent continuously for 10 angles, and the counting is accurate and the speed is fast. The equipment can bend round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, double-mode skeleton, several-word steel, C-shaped steel and other steel pipes, and the mold material is 45 steel. The price is low, designed for the bending of the steel pipe skeleton of the greenhouse. It is bent once and only needs one manpower.

The specifications for the greenhouse tube bender greenhouse tube bending machine tube Angle rolls bending machine sectioin benders  is as below:

The forming rollers station:14
Machine frame: 12# the square tube welding
The press roller material: GCr12Mov machining, accurate grinding, quenching heat treatment (55-60)°, chromium coating.
Shaft: 45# steel, diameter 42mm
Bearing: Harbin 6208
Motor power: 4KW
Reducer box: 250
The tube table: 1 set
The cutting system: PLC numercal, PLC, encoder counting,can control the material length.

Precision: ±1.0mm, Full automatic cutting
Speed: 8-10 meter/min
Equipment size: 3.7m(L)*1.0m(W)*1.5(H)

 If you want to see the greenhouse tube bender greenhouse tube bending machine running, please feel free send me a message, send me your whatsapp, please, i will send the machine running videos to your whatsapp or Email. 

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