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★Whole plant building evaluations for providing economic and excellent machine working environment.
★ Plant layout and design like machine selection and analysis, detail report provided.
★Take customer requirements into consideration, professional machine customization.
★Training in advance for providing professional tech worker and fixer locally.
★ Material providing service if customer needs, mechanical ability and competitive comparison

◆ Project manager for machine improvement since 1996.
◆ Managerial and engineering jobs in over seven plants for than 20 years.
◆ Technical service representative will go with the installation team for training in person.
◆ Accumulate vast experience from our hunderands of customers from more than 30 countries.
◆Since 1996, tech and developing team are devoting themselves to working.
1. Before and after-sale Service
Before selling, our professional seller will help you choose the best machine and customization plan accoring to customer needs. Machine will be customzied stictly following customer requirements. After selling service, in stallation team provides comprehensive support and assistance for customers worldwide during the installation and commissioning period of our equipment. Highly qualified technicians are available to make service visits to customers and to carry out maintenance the whole life. Nomatter before or after selling, we provide 24/7 service at any time.
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TEL:0086 15127755788 , FAX:+86 317 5206880
2. Spare Parts
We provide spare parts changing serive, for all equipment supplied and made by our factory for making sure the high quality. A team of experienced engineers will give advice and assistance in how to fix and change. We will be at hand for your calling at any time.
3. Training Of Customers
Our welded pipe machine factory offers comprehensive training service to ensure smooth operation and maintenance in the furtuer.
4. Documentation of related files.
◆Steel pipe machinery offer customer service: B/L, C/O, P/I, PACKING LIST.
◆Installation process related introduction will be given in detail.
◆Contract with customer will stated all terms in details..
◆Welded pipe factory building project plan evaluations be made for referece.
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