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89CNC Fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine

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89CNC Fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine

The 89CNC Fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine is a new type of pipe bending tool with the function of bending pipe and the function of lifting. It has many advantages such as reasonable structure, safe use, convenient operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, easy to carry, and multi-purpose.

It has a large share in the domestic market of hydraulic pipe bending machine, mainly used in factories, warehouses, docks, buildings, Installation of pipelines and repairs for railways, automobiles, etc.

And it can also remove the elbow component (cylinder) as a separate hydraulic topping machine.

Based on the features of The 89CNC Fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine, we design the machine for your reference:

Technical parameters:

1.Standard display text: Chinese/English switch. (Other text can be changed as needed)

2. the maximum bending program memory capacity of 1000 groups, each group can be programmed up to 16 bends. (expandable)

3.Directly input the bending pipe processing parameters. The machine can be single-stepped and paused during automatic operation, so that it can be manually intervened when bending special pipe fittings, and can also resume automatic operation. At the same time, it has a pause function, with automatic and manual functions. It is activated by a switch when running the next cycle, and an emergency stop button is required when an emergency stop is required.

4.The operating program and the elbow program have unlimited memory storage time, and will not cause program loss due to power outage or long-term non-use.

5.While the machine is performing automatic machining, the controller can still input or edit the program.

6. with XYZ coordinate value to YBC processing value conversion function, convenient for operators to use.

7.The elbow program can set the speed of each axis from 0 to 10 speeds in each machining step to flexibly use different work objects to improve work efficiency. An external speed knob is also available to reduce or increase the machining speed as needed.

8. automatic pull-back feeding and reciprocating feeding function for switching to meet the processing requirements of different pipe fittings.

9.equipped with processing capacity and processing time counting function.

10.using the absolute origin system, re-boot in the morning or after the break, do not need complicated procedures to find the origin of each axis can immediately enter the work standby state.

11.The screen synchronously displays the position and bending angle of each action axis of the machine.

12.The control program has the function of automatically detecting errors. The message of the machine failure or illogical operation is directly displayed on the screen, and the repair method is explained to prevent the human operation error from damaging the machine and relatively reducing the maintenance difficulty. The above-mentioned automatic detection of the alarm message records can be automatically stored as a reference for future maintenance.

13. automatic or manual time mode setting function can be set according to the nature of the work, a variety of different working modes, such as the presence or absence of the heart, auxiliary push and other different states to improve production efficiency.

14.With multiple delay parameter settings, the most appropriate time difference can be set for each action axis to meet a variety of bending changes.

15.With the automatic detection function of each button and circuit output/input board, it is easy to find the location of possible faults.

16.The machine has an automatic lubrication system to protect the machine transmission parts and improve the service life of the machine.

17.The machine control adopts closed-loop control.

No. Name   Parameters   Remarks
1 Maximum bending diameter Φ89×8t
2 Maximum bending radius 450 customize
3 Minimum bending radius According to pipe diameter
4 Maximum feed length 3500 customize
5 Feeding method 1.Direct delivery Optional
2.Clip delivery
6 Maximum bending angle 190
7 Using controller PLC+Industrial computer
8 The number of bends per pipe can be set 16 Expandable
9 Working speed Bending speed 30 Adjustable
Tubing speed 160 Adjustable
Feeding speed 800 Adjustable
10 Precision Feeding accuracy ±0.1
Duct accuracy ±0.1
Bending accuracy ±0.1
11 Rotary servo motor power 1.5Kw Mitsubishi
12 Feed servo motor power 2Kw Mitsubishi
13 Data input method 1, coordinate values (X, Y, Z) Optional
2. Working value (Y, B, C)
14 Hydraulic motor horsepower 11
15 greatest pressure 14 Adjustable
16 Machine Size 5600×130×130
17 Machine Weight 5500kg
16 Hydraulic system control Electromagnetic reversing valve
17 Fuel tank capacity 350

More machine pictures of 89CNC Fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine:


1.Do you have after sales support?

Yes, we are happy to give advice and we also send skilled technicians to your place to support the technical guidance. We will let your machines running that in order to keep your business running.

2.What can you do if the machine broken?

Our machine’s warranty period is 12months. And if the broken parts can’t be repaired, we will send the new one to replace the broken parts. And the only thing you need to do is paying the transport costs.

If beyond the warranty period, we can through the negotiation to solve the problems, and we will supply the technical support for the whole life of the machine.

Looking for ideal The 89CNC Fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine manufacturer & supplier ? We have a wide selection at great prices to help you get the target product. If you have any question, please contact us.


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