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Cut to length roll forming machine

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Zhongtuo Welded pipe making machine
Zhongtuo welded pipe making machine takes the high frequency welded pipe technology used together with roll forming principle to make welded pipe at the working speed 90m/min. It could process coils like Hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel strip, carbon steel and low alloy steel to round pipe, square pipe oval pipe and others.
The working process of the welded pipe machine is that feeding coil stripe by feeding rollers and decoiiler and then to leveling, roll forming stripe to pipe shape. Then the machine will heathen the edge of the coil to welding temperature due to the high frequency equipment. And the last step is tofinish the process of cooling, sizing, straightening, the tube will be made.
Roughly we divided the Welded pipe making machines into four types according to its functions. For our machine could process material thickness from 0.4-5mm and the pipe diameter range starts from 10mm to 127mm. Please choose the proper machine according to your requirements.

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1.Nearly 20 years experience,built factory in 1996. 2.Support OA,L/C payment method, so 100% good quality and high credit supplier.3.One station non-stop service,help find good quality supplier of raw material, finished product and others if you need.


1. Strictly machine quality control, our principle is that never let one unqualified machine leave our factory. 2.Design and make machine using Germany advanced technology.

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1.Powerful tech teams with more than 16 working experience will help you,improve design if it is not perfect before selling.2.24/7 before and after service in English,Russian and others.